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Looking for Asphalt Services in Kansas? 

Paverite USA provides quality Asphalt and paving services to customers who live in Kansas. We service the following cities:


  • Witchita, KS

  • Manhattan, KS

  • Kansas City, KS



and all the surrounding areas. If you are not in a specified city please feel free to call and we will be able to serve you.


PaveriteUSA can provide all your asphalt or chip and seal needs. We offer hot asphalt as well as sealcoating and crackfilling for both driveways and parking lots.

Kansas experiences a variety of weather and that directly impacts your pavement choice. Asphalt is a popular choice for both driveways and parking lots. With a steady regiment of seal coating and crackfilling you can expect a long life from your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Chip and seal is also very popular and an excellent option for your area. It is easy to plow in the winter and provides excellent traction on slopes. Whether you choose Asphalt or Chip and seal you will be very pleased with the out come.

We encourage you to look at our information and photos to help you make a decision on your parking lot or driveway! 

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